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Discover a unique land, a mixture of splendour and the end of the world.

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Grands crus classés and small producers

"To love the Medoc is to be greedy"

The Medoc: between ocean and estuary, a wild land tamed by man

The Medoc is a land of conquerors : from these poor and infertile lands, from these marshes drained by Dutch engineers in the 17th century, men have managed to make an exceptional vineyard. Navigators, merchants, explorers, entrepreneurs, workers... Germans, Dutch, English, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese... All of them have contributed, thanks to their knowledge and wealth, to shape this land and produce world-famous wines. From the gravelly hilltops to the muddy banks of the estuary, the Medoc wine region is also a land of contrasts. On the banks of the river, the paluds produce abundant but not very well-structured wines, whereas the less fertile gravelly soils produce structured wines that can be kept for a long time. From the wild beaches of the Atlantic coast, to the largest man-made pine forest in Europe, to an imposing landscape of vineyards… In theMedoc, there is something oceanic, cosmopolitan and extroverted about wine.



The wines of the Medoc: prestigious grands crus, the splendour of the estates

Medoc wines are known throughout the world, and recognised among the best. The famous 1855 classification, requested by Napoleon III on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in Paris, contributed to the fame of the great growths of the Medoc. It was at this time that the name of the château was put on the label, and became more important than that of the merchant to suggest the quality of a wine. Here, the vineyard is cultivated like a French garden. Splendid buildings, each one as surprising as the next, are planted in the middle of the vines. There is both a great homogeneity of style from the 18th and 19th centuries, and formidable extravagances. Each one characterises the identity of the estate, and in particular the Grands Crus Classes. All along the spectacular "Route des chateaux", as winding as the river, the finest wines in the world are produced.

Zoom on the Medoc Chateaux Route

From Margaux to Saint-Estephe, the D2 departmental road criss-crosses the Medoc and follows the river from south to north, presenting dozens of wine-producing properties. In the Bordeaux region, unlike other French vineyards, the wineries where the wine is made and where the owners live are located on the estate itself, in the middle of the vines. Some of these buildings are rather simple mansions, while others offer spectacular and extravagant architecture, inspired by old styles or exotic lands. Pichon-Baron and its Renaissance style, Beychevelle reminiscent of Versailles, Cos-d'Estournel and its pagodas... Spread out along the road, majestic in the middle of the vineyards, these chateaux offer an impressive panorama of the famous "Route des chateaux".

"These are just examples, I design each Wine Tour according to your desires!"


« Wine tour in the Medoc, the tour of the Grands Crus »

If you are a wine lover, this tour will show you the different areas of the Medoc, from Pauillac to Saint Julien en via Saint-Estèphe and Margaux, visiting only 1st or 2nd growths. The land of a thousand and one châteaux is the assurance of exceptional wine tastings in a mosaic of spectacular architecture! To make you already drool, imagine the following programme over 1 day:

  • Morning: in Pauillac, visit of Chateau Laffite Rotschild, or the Chateau Pedesclaux, the ultimate in modernity.
  • In Saint Estephe, at the end of the morning, I propose you the wine tasting of a « vertical », the same wine over several years, at Chateau Cos d’Estournel.
  • the + of Pascal, Wine & Co !
  • Lunch in a "bistronomic" restaurant.".
  • Afternoon: visit of a chateau in Margaux, for example Lascombes, Kirwan or Marquis d'Alesme; then last visit to Saint Julien at Chateau Beychevelle, Lagrange or Gruaud - Larose, the latter benefiting from a belvedere with a view of the river.

Medoc en


« The more intimate Medoc, between splendour and the end of the world »

Combine the pleasure of tasting great wines with a car ride along the Garonne River, the "Mississippi Gascon", to enjoy the gentle way of life and discover unusual vineyards and timeless places. For example, I could propose the following programme for one day:

  • Morning: a shorttour of Bordeaux by car on the way to the Medoc, then a visit to a first chateau with a tour of the cellars and the estate and an introduction to wine tasting.
  • Stroll along the Route des chateaux with a stop at a picturesque fishing port on the estuary.
  • Lunch by the river, in a guinguette or a more posh restaurant.
  • In the afternoon: visit and wine tasting of a grand cru classe, for example the Chateau Gruaud-Larose, which also benefits from a belvedere with a view of the river.
  • Tasting of wines from small producers in the Medoc, possibility to have a different taste experience with a wine tasting in the dark.

the + of Pascal, Wine & Co !

Tailor-made tours, half-day, full-day or over several days!
Do you like this region? Let's prepare your private wine tour together!

Fancy a private wine tour?
Do you like this region? Let's prepare your private wine tour together!

Frequently asked questions about this tour

1What are the most popular wines in the Medoc wine region ?
There are many wineries in the Medoc wine region, the most famous ones are the prestigious Grands Crus like Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour and Chateau Mouton Rothschild. I can plan for you a tailor-made trip to these sumptuous wine estates !
2How long does a wine tour in Medoc last ?
It all depends on you ! It can take place over one or more days according to your wishes and availability. We can also plan a half day trip for you to enjoy the best of Medoc in a short time.
3How many Bordeaux wines will I taste during this Medoc wine tour ?
Depending on the time you spend on a tour, we can arrange several wine tastings in the Medoc wineries. Then again, the tour is tailor-made to your wishes, so if there are specific wines you wish to taste, don't hesitate to let me know in advance so that I can book the tasting at the estates.
4Why book a tour in Medoc with Pascal, wine & co ?
I am a passionnate guide, lover of my beautiful region that I know like the back of my hand. I drive and guide you through the vineyards and the "Route des chateaux" throughout the day telling you unknown stories about wines and men of the Medoc. Everything is created, built and planned in advance according to your desires and expectations !

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