Wine Tour Saint Emilion and Entre Deux Mers

A walk along the flavours and in the heart of the history of France

1/2 day, 1 day or more!

Wines to be tasted: Red, dry whites

With friends, as a couple or solo

French, English, German

Grands crus classés and small producers

"an exciting territory for me who loves to tell stories"

The right bank: an exceptional terroir between the Garonne river and the Dordogne river

In this part of the vineyard situated on the right bank, the beneficial influence of the two rivers Garonne and Dordogne has given a terroir favourable to the birth of the best wines. From the fruity and lively white wines of Entre Deux Mers to the prestigious reds of Saint-Emilion or Pomerol, from the authenticity of the family estates to the prestige of the great classified growths, this region offers a range of flavours to be discovered along the way. A local peculiarity is to have preserved the agrarian structures of the Middle Ages, with properties not exceeding a few hectares, which have survived to the present day. No industry has been installed, and this has allowed us to preserve a harmonious landscape of valleys, plains, hills and combs, which also boasts an exceptional built heritage: castles, manor houses, churches, mills, stone crosses. In 1999, UNESCO listed Saint-Emilion and its vineyards as a World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape. The countryside of yesteryear, witness to a certain French gentle way of life...



A land of battles and frontiers, marked by the History of France

The right bank combines the beauty of an exceptional terroir with the vestiges of a long and rich history. The "Juridiction" of Saint-Emilion dates back to the 12th century: at that time, Guyenne belonged to the English, and part of the powers of Saint-Emilion and its surroundings were delegated to the "Jurats", whose task was to ensure the good quality of the wine produced. The Sun King in the 17th century described the wines of this region as « Nectar of the Gods ». But this territory is not only marked by vineyards, it is also marked by battles! It was here that the border between the kingdoms of France and England was located at the time ofEleanor of Aquitaine. There followed sieges and occupations from the 13th to the 15th century, religious wars between Huguenots and Catholics in the 16th century... Until the 20th century, since the demarcation line between France occupied by the invader and the France Libre, still a border, passed through Sauveterre de Guyenne.

Mystic Saint-Emilion...

It is also proven that strong religious communities developed the village of Saint-Emilion from the 7th century onwards: Benedictines, Franciscans, Augustinians, Dominicans, Ursulines... In the medieval period it was rumoured that there was an "unnatural" reason to federate so many religious in the same place. The notoriety of a Breton monk, who became the famous Saint-Emilion? Perhaps it is a legend, but legends are not born by chance, and there is still today in the village a perfume of mystery. You will no doubt feel it when you visit the underground monolithic church of Saint-Emilion, the largest in Europe.

"These are just examples, I design each Wine Tour according to your desires!"


« Wine tour in Saint-Emilion: prestigious wines, land of legends »

Come and stroll through places steeped in history, appreciate the rolling landscapes shaped by centuries of wine-growing, get closer to the life of today's inhabitants and at the same time feel the spirit of the ancient conquerors and mystics, enjoy a suspended moment tasting exceptional wines during a wine tasting in the middle of the vineyards. Here you feel like you are at the heart of History, come and touch, smell and taste the heritage! For example, I could suggest the following programme for 1 day:

  • Morning: visit and tasting in a picturesque château in Saint-Emilion, for example Château Franc Mayne or Château Gadet, which have underground cellars where the Girondins hid during the French Revolution; or Château Laniotte, owned by Arnaud de la Filolie whose family has also owned the chapel and the monolithic church since the 19th century.
  • Visit the village of Saint-Emilion
  • Lunch in a village restaurant or in a castle, followed by a walk in the vineyards
  • Afternoon: Visit and tasting in a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé such as Villandraut, Clos Fourtet or Canon la Gaffelière
  • We could end the day with a complementary workshop around wine (association of wine and chocolate, wine and cheese...) in a carrelet, that is to say a fisherman's hut on stilts, on the banks of the Garonne.
The + of Pascal, Wine & Co !

Vigne et tonneau lors d'un Wine tour à Bordeaux


« The little-known right bank: castles and bastides of the Entre Deux Mers region »

I propose you to discover independent winegrowers who make with passion well worked and very pleasant wines, very good value for money, round and fruity reds, lively dry whites, in the Bordeaux and Entre Deux Mers appellations. But this tour is also an opportunity to take a walk to capture the charm of medieval villages and bastides… An example of a tour that I could propose to you, over 1 day :

  • Morning : Walk in the old village of Haux, then visit and tasting in a château of Entre Deux Mers
  • Lunch in a restaurant or château
  • In the afternoon, I suggest you visit the medieval village of Castelmoron d’Albret, the smallest town in France, or the Abbey of Sauve Majeure, a masterpiece of Romanesque art listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The + of Pascal, Wine & Co !
  • Visit and tasting in another château in Entre deux Mers or Saint-Emilion

Tailor-made tours, half-day, full-day or over several days!
Do you like this region? Let's prepare your private wine tour together!

Fancy a private wine tour?
Do you like this region? Let's prepare your private wine tour together!

Frequently asked questions about this tour

1Is Saint Emilion worth visiting ?
Yes ! It's a stunning medieval village full of history, mystic legends and fascinating architecture. Great restaurants and wine tastings await you. Saint Emilion vineyard is also listed by the UNESCO.
2How much time do you need in Saint Emilion ?
It all depends of the time you have to spend in the area ! You can do a day trip to get a good glimpse at the medieval village and enjoy a wine tasting and visit. But if you wish to discover all the hidden secrets of the village... you can stay there 3 days ! We will organise together the ideal tour in this region according to your availability.
3What can you do in a Saint Emilion wine tour ?
According to your wishes, we can create together the perfect tour for you to enjoy the Saint Emilion wine region : wine tastings, visits of the wineries and of the historical village... And also add a wine workshop to taste wine with food or even chocolate !
4What kind of wine is Saint Emilion ?
The Saint Emilion appellation offers delightful, complex and elegant red wines from the grape varieties Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The flavours usually include plums, strawberries, cherries. It has great ageing potential.

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